What’s new - v0.2.0#

Release date: 2022-07-19

With the 0.2.0 release of OpenGHG we can announce the public release of our OpenGHG Hub, our JupyterHub instance for interacting with OpenGHG in the cloud. Please contact us if you’d like to use the service.


  • New openghg.client functions for our cloud platform. Standardisation, searching and retrieval of data is passed to either the local or cloud function call depending on platform setup.


  • Extra checks added to reading of emissions NetCDF datasets that have a single time value. Previously an error occurred due to performing a len on an unsized object.


  • Removal of the openghg.client.process functions. These have been replaced with openghg.client.standardise functions.


  • A split in the tutorials for cloud and local platforms. We’ve updated all the tutorials to better cover the differences in running OpenGHG with different setups.