Source code for openghg.types._errors

from typing import Optional

[docs] class OpenGHGError(Exception): """Top level OpenGHG error"""
[docs] class InvalidSiteError(OpenGHGError): """Raised if an invalid site is passed"""
[docs] class UnknownDataError(OpenGHGError): """Raised if an unknown data type is passed"""
[docs] class FunctionError(OpenGHGError): """Raised if a serverless function cannot be called correctly"""
[docs] class ObjectStoreError(OpenGHGError): """Raised if an error accessing an object at a key in the object store occurs"""
[docs] class DatasourceLookupError(OpenGHGError): """Raised if Datasource lookup fails"""
class DatasourceCombineError(OpenGHGError): """Raised if we are unable to combine previous data within a Datasource with new data"""
[docs] class EncodingError(ObjectStoreError): pass
[docs] class MutexTimeoutError(OpenGHGError): pass
[docs] class RequestBucketError(OpenGHGError): pass
[docs] class SearchError(OpenGHGError): """Related to searching the object store"""
class AttrMismatchError(OpenGHGError): """Mismatch between attributes of input file and derived metadata""" class DataOverlapError(OpenGHGError): """New data overlaps with current data stored""" class ConfigFileError(OpenGHGError): """Raised for errors with configuration file""" class MetastoreError(OpenGHGError): """Raised for errors with the metadata store""" class ZarrStoreError(OpenGHGError): """Raised for errors with the zarr store""" class KeyExistsError(ZarrStoreError): """Raised if key already exists in zarr store""" def construct_xesmf_import_error(exception: Optional[ImportError] = None) -> str: xesmf_error_message = ( "Unable to import xesmf for use with regridding algorithms." " To use transform modules please follow instructions" " for installing non-python dependencies (requires conda" " to be installed even if using pip to install other packages)." ) # TODO: Add explicit link to instruction page once created if exception: xesmf_error_message = f"{xesmf_error_message} Full error returned: {exception}" return xesmf_error_message