Developer API#

The functions and methods documented in this section are the internal workings of the OpenGHG library. They are subject to change, we’ll add deprecation warnings to functions if we’re going to phase them out in the next few releases.


Normal users should not use any of the functions shown here directly as they may be removed or their functionality may change.


Handles the packaging of data and the calling of serverless functions for the cloud platform.


These dataclasses are used to return data and metadata from the object store. Some of them also contain helper functions to quickly plot data, modify metadata and delete data in the object store.

Object Store#

These functions handle the storage of data in the object store, in JSON or binary format. Each object and piece of data in the object store is stored at a specific key, which can be thought of as the address of the data. The data is stored in a bucket which in the cloud is a section of the OpenGHG object store. Locally a bucket is just a normal directory in the user’s filesystem specified by the path given in the configuration file at ~/.config/openghg/openghg.conf.

Retrieval functions#

These handle the retrieval of data from the object store.


Surface measurements#

These functions take surface measurement data and standardise it for storage in the object store. They ensure the correct metadata and attributes are recorded with the data, and that the data is CF compliant. They are called by the ObsSurface class.


These handle the assignment and checking of metadata.


These functions and classes handle the lower level storage and retrieval of data from the object store.


Some customised errors and types for type hinting and keeping mypy happy.

Utility functions#

This module contains all the helper functions used throughout OpenGHG.