Tutorials - Cloud#

These tutorials cover the use of the OpenGHG Hub. They’ll help you get started with searching the object store, exploring the NOAA ObsPack and comparing measurements and emissions.

Tutorial 1 - Ranking observations#

This tutorial covers ranking the data available in the object store. This ensures users always find the correct data when using the search functions.

Tutorial 2 - Comparing observations to emissions#

This tutorial covers the workflow comparing observations data to emissions using the new ModelScenario class. This replaces the footprint_data_merge function with an object that can be used to retrieve and manipulate observations, emissions and footprint data (with boundary conditions in the pipeline).

Tutorial 3 - Working with high time resolution CO2#

Tutorial 4 - Searching and plotting#

Tutorial 5 - Exploring the NOAA ObsPack data#

Tutorial 6 - Retrieving data from ICOS and CEDA#