Changing the object store path#

To change the object store path you can do it in one of two ways

Modifying the configuration file directly#

Your local configuration file can be found in the .openghg directory in your home folder. On Linux and MacOS the file can be accessed at ~/.openghg/openghg.conf. (This location is new for OpenGHG version 0.6.0; your config file will be moved automatically the next time it is accessed.) We don’t currently support Windows.

If you created the file using the openghg --quickstart command the file should look something like this (note that the path will be different)

user_id = "6dea284d-888a-4cd6-974e-f8888c4b7be3"

local_store = "/home/gareth/openghg_store"

To update the path to the object store change the path after ``local_store = ``. To move the store to another folder in my home directory, I can just update the path like so

user_id = "6dea284d-888a-4cd6-974e-f8888c4b7be3"

local_store = "/home/gareth/atmos_chem/object_store"

Now we can use the check_config command line tool to make sure the configuration file is valid. This checks to make sure the layout of the config file is correct and that the directory exists. To do this we’ll use an ipython session.

from openghg.util import check_config

Your configuration file is valid.

If the folder doesn’t exist you’ll be presented with an input field asking if you want the folder to be created.


The folder /home/gareth/atmos_chem/object_store does not exist
Should we create it? (y/n): y
The folder /home/gareth/atmos_chem/object_store has ben created.

OpenGHG will now use the new path when searching for and storing data.

Command line#

OpenGHG provides a command line interface accessible from the terminal. To update the path of the object store you can run openghg --quickstart. This will read your current configuration file and ask if you want to update the object store path.

OpenGHG configuration

User config exists at /home/gareth/.config/openghg/openghg.conf, checking...
Current object store path: /home/gareth/openghg_store
Would you like to update the path? (y/n): y
Enter new path for object store: /home/gareth/atmos_chem/openghg_store
Updated configuration saved.

OpenGHG will now use the new path when searching for and storing data.